Who Owns Giant Eagle In 2023? (All You Need to Know)

Many confusions arise around the question of who owns Giant Eagle. And people are still looking for the right answer on the internet.

It’s been over a hundred years since Giant Eagle was founded. Needless to say, the business of Giant Eagle expanded continuously.

Also, Giant Eagle is the 49th largest retailer in the United States. Over the years, Giant Eagle increased its number of locations and added more products to its stores.

So, here we are going to know everything about the owner of Giant Eagle and also more about its business operations.

Who Owns Giant Eagle?

who owns giant eagle
Owner Of Giant Eagle, Inc.

Giant Eagle was started as Eagle Grocery by three families; Goldstein, Porter, and Chait. In 1928, three families sold Eagle Grocery to The Kroger Company. But, The Kroger Co. left this company later. So, now Giant Eagle, Inc. is the owner of every Giant Eagle store.

In the early 1930s, five families: Goldstein, Porter, Chait, Moravitz, and Weizenbaum, started working to make Giant Eagle successful.

Several business families and The Kroger Company’s efforts bring Giant Eagle store success in the supermarket chain business.

Still today, Giant Eagle, Inc. is a private company, but Giant Eagle is constantly expanding its number of subsidiaries.

Facts About Giant Eagle

Knowing Giant Eagle’s owner, you might want to know more about Giant Eagle, Inc.

That’s why here are some facts about Giant Eagle that you may not know yet.

1. Sustainability In The Great Depression And World War II

In the early stage of business, Giant Eagle, Inc. needed to go through frequent ownership changes, but its business was ongoing.

During the Great Depression and World War II, Giant Eagle’s business was stable.

Giant Eagle’s number of stores also expanded while other supermarket chains went out of business during the Great Depression.

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2. The 36th America’s Largest Private Companies

Still today, Giant Eagle is not a publicly traded company. Giant Eagle got this far through its private investors and its own revenues.

Now, Giant Eagle, Inc. is the 36th America’s biggest private company, where around forty thousand employees are working.

3. First Grocery Chain In Pittsburgh

Although, Giant Eagle first opened a store on Brownsville Road, Texas. But, in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Giant Eagle was the first supermarket chain.

Giant Eagle opened a store in the Pittsburgh neighborhood in the 30s, where no supermarket chain stores were available.

4. Giant Eagle Advantage Card For Everything

If you are a customer of Giant Eagle, you must hear or use a Giant Eagle Advantage Card for day-to-day shopping at this store.

In the 1980s, Giant Eagle rolled out the Giant Eagle Advantage Card, which was a unique innovation.

Giant Eagle lets customers adopt this feature by offering many advantages of using Giant Eagle Advantage Card. In 1980, customers could rent movies, check checks, and get special discounts on particular products using the Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

5. The Team Of More Than 37,000 Team Members

Today, Giant Eagle is the 36th largest private company in the United States. And Giant Eagle, Inc. is a team of thirty thousand associates.

With the growth of the business, Giant Eagle increases the number of locations around the U.S. and also hires more employees.

6. GetGo Ownership Stake

GetGo, also known as GetGo Cafe & Market, is a convenience store chain that only serves five states, just like Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle has been the parent company of GetGo since 2003. Giant Eagle is a major supermarket chain of the 2000s.

In 2003, the story of GetGo ownership was confusing because Giant Eagle only accrued many gas stations and then opened supermarkets in their gas station.

Later, Giant Eagle gave all of its gas stations with the supermarket’s name, “GetGo,” where the journey of the GetGo convenience store chain started.

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7. Kroger and Giant Eagle Fight

The Kroger Company has been here since 1883, so Kroger supermarkets were already doing great even before Giant Eagle was founded.

After Giant Eagle started becoming a popular store in some big cities of the United States, and even Giant Eagle started competing with Kroger stores back in the day.

Therefore, The Kroger Company agreed to acquire Giant Eagle. Accordingly, The Kroger Company bought Giant Eagle in 1928.

Although, The Kroger Co. could not hold Giant Eagle because of the bad economic situation. But, both supermarket companies fought to attract customers.

8. Giant Eagle Served 4.6 Million Customers Annually

Not too many supermarkets cannot serve around five million customers each year, but Giant Eagle can.

Over the years, Giant Eagle stores have been working ruthlessly to attract more customers, and their work has paid off.

Currently, Giant Eagle serves around 5 million customers annually, which is quite impressive.

9. The Number One Supermarket Retailer In Five States

Giant Eagle operates its operation only in five states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland.

In these five states, Giant Eagle operates around five hundred stores currently, which makes it the number one supermarket retailer in these five states.

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Giant Eagle Subsidiaries

Giant Eagle, Inc. also accrued and started several businesses over the years but not too many.

The biggest subsidiary of Giant Eagle is GetGo, which Giant Eagle bought in 2003 for an oil company as a gas station.

Here is the list of Giant Eagle subsidiaries:

  • GetGo
  • Rini-Rego Supermarkets, Inc.
  • Seegrid Corporation
  • Ricker Oil Company, Inc.
  • RX-21 LLC

Giant Eagle, Inc. owns all these corporations as of 2023.

How Many Giant Eagle Stores Are There

As of 2023, Giant Eagle has 480 stores, including GetGo stores. And still today, Giant Eagle operates its stores in only West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

Separately, there are 216 Giant Eagle stores and 264 GetGo stores available in the United States.

Among all states, the state of Ohio has the most Giant Eagle locations. Currently, more than a hundred Giant Eagle locations are operated in Ohio.

Likewise, Giant Eagle operates over 30 percent of stores in the state of Pennsylvania.

West Virginia has limited Giant Eagle stores; only major cities in West Virginia have Giant Eagle stores.

Except for these five states, Giant Eagle does not operate its stores in any other states in the U.S.

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Giant Eagle Headquarters

Giant Eagle headquarters is located in O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania, United States.

As you know, Giant Eagle is an American-owned supermarket chain, which is why its headquarters is situated in the United States.

Who Is The CEO Of Giant Eagle?

giant eagle ceo
Who Is The CEO Of Giant Eagle?

Laura Karet is the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Giant Eagle, Inc. On January 9, 2012, Laura Karet was appointed as the CEO of Giant Eagle.

She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Amherst College with a Bachelor’s degree in English. Still today, Karet lives in the city of Pittsburgh with her family.

Karet does not directly join as Chief Executive Officer; she first joined as Vice President of Marketing of Giant Eagle in 2000.

She received the Leadership in the Nation’s Interest Award from the Committee for Economic Development (CED) in 2017.

She led the Giant Eagle marketing development and branding team as a Vice President of Marketing.

Currently, Karet is an active member of the Giant Eagle board of directors.

What Was Giant Eagle Called Before?

Giant Eagle store name changed several times in the early stages of its business.

Giant Eagle, Inc. founded three families (Goldstein, Porter, and Chait), first called Eagle Grocery only.

Later on, Giant Eagle, Inc. owned two families (Moravitz and Weizenbaum) named OK Grocery.

In the 40s, the company changed the name OK Grocery to Giant Eagle; that name still exists today.

Is Giant Eagle Going Out Of Business?

Simply put, Giant Eagle is not going out of business. Instead, Giant Eagle, Inc. has plans to expand its service area over several states.

And, the news about Giant Eagle closing is nothing but rumors that arise from social media and internet forums.

In FY 2020-21, Giant Eagle closed a limited number of locations in the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania for lack of a management system.

But that does not mean Giant Eagle’s other stores are going to close in the near future.

Over five hundred stores are Giant Eagle operates in five different states. In these states, Giant Eagle competes with Hannaford, Roundy’s, Raley’s, Ingles, and other big supermarket chains in the United States.

Therefore, considering the revenue and growth of Giant Eagle, it’s certain that Giant Eagle, Inc. is not going to go out of business.


Giant Eagle is owned by Giant Eagle, Inc. and several private investors currently. Still today, Giant Eagle is a privately held company.

Back in 1928, The Kroger Co. bought Giant Eagle, Inc, but later they must leave this organization of the financial crisis.

GetGo is the major subsidiary of Giant Eagle. This company is the 36th largest private employer in the United States.

Giant Eagle, Inc. has a strong plan to expand its services and bring new innovations to attract more customers from all over the nation.

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