What Is Wayfair Professional: Requirements, Cost, Benefits, Reviews

Wayfair Professional is here to give you extra benefits to shopping at Wayfair.

Everyone’s favorite online furniture and home decor Wayfair lets us shop at low cost with the new Wayfair Professional program.

Now we are going to tell you everything that you must know about Wayfair Professional.

So, let’s know what Wayfair Professional is, the requirements, cost, benefits, reviews, how to sign up, and most importantly, the difference between Wayfair and Wayfair Professional.

What Is Wayfair Professional

what is wayfair professional
What Is Wayfair Professional 2023

Wayfair Professional is a premium membership program that costs you only $30 annually. Wayfair Professional members get free and faster delivery than free Wayfair members. Sign up for Wayfair Professional is completely free now.

Wayfair Professional members also get access to more products of furniture, outdoor, kitchen, decor, and lights.

Exclusive deals and discounts are also available for Wayfair Professional members.

Wayfair Professional Requirements

wayfair professional requirements
Wayfair Professional Requirements

To join Wayfair Professional, you must verify your business with legit business documents of your business.

Wayfair Professional requirements are:

  • You must have to engage with any business
  • Your name
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Name of your company
  • Business Tax documents
  • Your phone number

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Who Qualifies For Wayfair Professional?

Wayfair Professional program is made for business owners to offer them more.

Here is a complete list of who qualifies for Wayfair Professional:

  • Rental owners
  • Real estate investor
  • Business owner
  • Trade members
  • Brand owner
  • Property managers
  • Industry experts
  • Interior designers

Wayfair Professional Cost

wayfair professional cost
Wayfair Professional Cost

Wayfair Professional costs only $30 annual fee to keep up with this premium membership.

Customers of Wayfair Professional get free delivery, and they get faster shipping than typical Wayfair customers. 

Wayfair Professional customers only get free delivery when orders are above $50 in total.

Exclusively discounted products are also free to deliver to Wayfair Professional members’ addresses.

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Wayfair Professional Benefits

wayfair professional benefits
Wayfair Professional Benefits

Various benefits are available for Wayfair Professional customers.

More Products From Top Brands

Wayfair Professional members find more furniture, decor, kitchen, and more products.

Top brand products are also available in the search for professional customers.

So, between more brands and products, you can choose the perfect product that you need.

Business Pricing

Business pricing or pro pricing is the most important benefit that brings customers from Wayfair to Wayfair Professional.

Wayfair Professional customers can buy the same products with 2 to 5% less cost than normal customers.

By comparing the same product on both Wayfair and Wayfair Professional, you can see the price difference.

Free Shipping

Wayfair Professional members get free shipping orders above $50. Free delivery is another reason why people switch to Wayfair Professional.

People consider this benefit to sign up for Wayfair Professional membership to save money from shipping fees.

Access To Dedicated Industry Experts

Small to large corporate and business needs to care about furnishings, while the Wayfair Professional program can also help.

Wayfair Professional members get a dedicated industry expert who helps with members’ business offices or homes.

Exclusive Discount

By showing more products from better brands, Wayfair Professional members also get exclusive discounts that regular Wayfair customers do not.

Depending on events, discounts for Wayfair Professional members can vary.

Tastemaker Awards

Tastemaker Awards is a design competition between Wayfair Professional customers.

The winner of the Tastemaker competition gets a thousand dollar shopping spree and an article on the Wayfair official website.

Dedicated Order Support

The dedicated order support team ensures Wayfair Professional members’ product shipping on time.

By connecting with a dedicated order support team, customers can get instant order support.

Account Manager Service

To give customers a hassle-free life, Wayfair Professional program includes an active manager service who can help select the right products to set up your home or office.

How To Sign Up For Wayfair Professional

how to sign up for wayfair professional
How To Sign Up For Wayfair Professional

You just need to sign up for Wayfair Professional when you are eligible to join Wayfair Professional.

Follow the step by step guide to sign up for Wayfair Professional:

Step 1: Visit Wayfair’s official website

First, you must visit Wayfair’s official website to find out the sign-up form for Wayfair Professional membership.

Step 2: Enter Wayfair Professional Web Page

On Wayfair’s official website, you find Wayfair Professional web page link where you need to go to sign up.

Step 3: Submit Email And Your Business Credentials

After going to Wayfair Professional program page, you need your valid email address.

You also need to submit information about your company or business.

When you are done submitting all your personal and business information, just click to join.

Wayfair Professional Reviews

Wayfair Professional members are submitting their reviews from their experiences with this premium program.

To get Wayfair Professional members honest reviews, we often find some advantages and disadvantages to signing up for the Wayfair Professional program.

Below, we will share some pros and cons of Wayfair Professional membership.


  • Wayfair Professional helps interior designers with their designs.
  • Free shipping
  • More products and deals are available for Wayfair Professional members.
  • Instant support from the Wayfair team.
  • Wayfair offers business pricing for customers instead of regular pricing.
  • Quick return policy.


  • Wayfair Professional has an annual fee.
  • Free shipping is only available for at least $50 total order.
  • Wayfair Professional is useful for designer professionals.
  • Business confidential papers submitted to verify.

Is Wayfair Professional Worth It?

As a business or company owner or designer, Wayfair Professional is going to be very worth it for you.

When you consider the benefits of Wayfair Professional program, you will be able to find a great difference between Wayfair and Wayfair Professional.

Discounts and cashback offers are always available for Wayfair Professional customers; those offers are not available in typical Wayfair stores.

If you are a designer, Wayfair Professional opens a window for more opportunities for your business and career.

Another advantage that makes Wayfair Professional more worth it is live support regarding shipping.

The support team allows you to talk about anything you need to know, with the support team seeking the solution for you.

So, it’s clear that a variety of benefits will be open for you when you are a Wayfair Professional customer.

We recommend Wayfair Professional, who runs a business or company.

What’s The Difference Between Wayfair And Wayfair Professional?

When properly using both plans, you will find a significant difference between Wayfair and Wayfair Professional.

Here are some common differences between Wayfair and Wayfair Professional program:

  • Wayfair is free, while Wayfair Professional is a premium program.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts are only available to Wayfair Professional customers; those are not shown for only Wayfair users.
  • Wayfair Professional members get free shipping, and only Wayfair members are not eligible for free shipping.
  • A dedicated support team is only available on Wayfair Professional site, but no support team on Wayfair site.
  • Business or company papers are required to join Wayfair Professional, but no verification is needed for only Wayfair customers.
  • Wayfair Professional has more products from top-class brands than only Wayfair.


Wayfair Professional is a great program that helps you to decorate your home and also office.

With the various benefits of the Wayfair Program, you are able to get most of it.

Among many benefits, free shipping and discounts grab customers’ attention to Wayfair Professional.

Wayfair Professional cost is so low that to become a member of Wayfair Professional, you need to pay a fee yearly. 

We also use Wayfair Professional program, and for your business, you can sign up for this program that will cut your business expenses.

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