What Aisle are Marshmallows In? And Where To Buy (2023)

Finding marshmallows in the grocery store will be easy when you know what aisle marshmallows are in.

From the corner grocery store to the supermarket chain, marshmallows are available everywhere because it’s a cultural thing that we always bring into the camping.

So, to save you time, I’m going to tell you where marshmallows are in the grocery store, where to buy marshmallows, how much marshmallows are, and the best brand of marshmallows that you can get.

What Aisle are Marshmallows In?

what aisle are marshmallows in

In most grocery stores, you can find marshmallows in the baking aisle or in the candy aisle. And the baking section is often located in the middle of grocery stores. The baking aisle can be more than one in the same grocery store also.

Since marshmallows are a type of confectionery that has a sweet taste, that’s why some grocery stores keep them in the candy aisle too.

So, when you cannot find marshmallows in the baking section, do not forget to check the candy section of the grocery store.

Typically, large supermarket chains like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and others store marshmallows in the baking aisle. Therefore, I recommend you to look for marshmallows in the baking aisle first, then the candy aisle.

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Where To Buy Marshmallows

Most grocery stores and supermarket chains have marshmallows in their stores. So, buying marshmallows should not be hard for you.

Here are some recommended grocery stores where you must find marshmallows:

Nearest Convenience Store

Often finding a convenience store is a lot earlier than finding a grocery store. The convenience store keeps various types of confectionery, including marshmallows.

Your Area Local Shop

People forget that marshmallows are not only found in grocery stores but marshmallows also can be found in small local shops that sell snacks.

Small Grocery Store

Large supermarket chains are not available in every neighborhood, but each area has at least one large or small grocery store.

The chances of finding marshmallows in a grocery store are always higher than finding them in a convenience store.

Supermarket Chains

Evidently, supermarket chains have everything that you need, and marshmallows must-have products of all supermarket chains.

If you live near any supermarket chains such as Kroger, Costco, Walmart, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s, then you can find marshmallows in these supermarket chains at any time that you need them.

Where are Marshmallows in Kroger?

Kroger stored marshmallows in the pantry aisle. And the pantry department is always at the front end of Kroger stores, close to the checkout.

What Aisle are Marshmallows in Walmart?

Marshmallows are in the baking aisle at Walmart. Just like other grocery stores and supermarkets, Walmart stores marshmallows are in the baking aisle.

Walmart sells mini marshmallows, marshmallow lollipops with chocolate, and a variety of brands of marshmallows.

What Department are Marshmallows in Publix?

You will find marshmallows in the candy aisle at Publix. And Publix has its own brand of marshmallows that you can only find in Publix locations.

What Section are Marshmallows in Target?

Marshmallows are in the baking department at Target. Finding the baking aisle at Target is easy because this section is located in the front end of the store.

You can find mixed vanilla flavor marshmallows, mini marshmallows, marshmallow kabob, peppermint flavored marshmallows, and more types of marshmallows at Target.

What Aisle are Marshmallows in Whole Foods?

Whole Foods stored marshmallows in the baking section. Whole Foods has its own brand of marshmallows called “365 Whole Foods Market Marshmallows”. Compared to other brand marshmallows, 365 Whole Foods Market marshmallows are selling at a reasonable price.

How Much are Marshmallows

Typical marshmallows price is between $2.29 to $2.48, and vegan marshmallows price can be from $4.58 to $17.99. But, the price of marshmallows varies by package size, brand, and location also.

Jet-Puffed marshmallows start from $1.69; Dandies marshmallow’s price is between $7.05 to $19.99. And Good & Gather mini marshmallow price is $0.99.

So, depending on the brand and the type of marshmallows, the price can change.

The Best Brand of Marshmallows You Can Find in Grocery Stores

best brand of marshmallows
Best Brand of Marshmallows

Over ten brands of marshmallows can be found in the baking or candy aisle of grocery stores, but you are going to need the best brand of marshmallows.

Here are the best brands of marshmallows you can buy:

  • Whole Foods Market Marshmallows
  • Good & Gather Marshmallows
  • Trader Joe’s Marshmallows
  • Great Value Marshmallows
  • Campfire Marshmallows

Whole Foods Market Marshmallows

Whole Foods is the kind of brand that is well-known for healthy and organic groceries. And Whole Foods Market sells marshmallows under the brand name 365 Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods marshmallows are roasted quickly, which indicates better quality. They are healthier than other brands of marshmallows too.

Nutrition: Calories – 90, Sugars – 20g, Carbohydrates – 24g

Price: $2.39

Good & Gather Marshmallows

good & gather marshmallows
Good & Gather Marshmallows

You might not know Good & Gather marshmallows are produced by Target because Target sells marshmallows under the Good & Gather brand.

With that said, it’s easy to find Good & Gather brand’s various types of marshmallows in Target.

For making S’more, Good & Gather marshmallows are the best option that you can have. Also, Good & Gather marshmallows are fairly cheap and sufficiently fluffy, and contain a balanced sweetness.

Nutrition: Calories – 90, Sugars – 17g, Carbohydrates – 23g

Price: $0.99

Trader Joe’s Marshmallows

I personally like Trader Joe’s marshmallows because they are a little bit sweeter and really delicious. Trader Joe’s claimed their marshmallows do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors.

Trader Joe’s has several sizes and types of marshmallows. Trader Joe’s has vegan and gluten-free marshmallows too.

Nutrition: Calories – 100, Sugars – 17g, Carbohydrates – 24g

Price: Starts from $11.45

Great Value Marshmallows

In the grocery store’s baking aisle, you must have seen Great Value marshmallows, especially if you shop for groceries from any supermarket chain.

Great Value marshmallow is the perfect option if you save on groceries. You can find these marshmallows for under a dollar in the grocery store.

Nutrition: Calories – 90, Sugars – 17g, Carbohydrates – 23g

Price: $1.00

Campfire Marshmallows

campfire marshmallows
Campfire Marshmallows

Campfire is probably the most popular band of marshmallows, including me; I’m a big fan of Campfire marshmallows.

Their marshmallows are good for roasting and have great sweetness. Campfire marshmallows come in several sizes. Campfire marshmallows are also good for S’more.

Nutrition: Calories – 90, Sugars – 17g, Carbohydrates – 22g

Price: $3.54

Final Words

You will find marshmallows in the baking or candy aisle of grocery stores. But you should check the baking department first to find marshmallows in the candy aisle.

Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods, and Target hold marshmallows in the baking aisle, while Publix and Giant Eagle keep them in the candy aisle.

And the chances of finding marshmallows in the baking section are high in your local grocery store.

You can find marshmallows in large supermarkets to small local department stores because people eat marshmallows around the world.

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