Does Wayfair Ship To Hawaii In 2023? (All You Need to Know)

Does Wayfair ship to Hawaii? If you are also searching for the answer to this question, you have come to the right place.

Like many other e-commerce companies, Wayfair has also become a major online home & improvement goods store.

In recent years, Wayfair upgraded its services and also expanded shipping all over the world.

Does Wayfair Ship To Hawaii?

does wayfair ship to hawaii
Does Wayfair ship to Hawaii in 2023?

Wayfair does not ship to Hawaii as of 2023. Also, in Hawaii, there are no Wayfair shopping facilities available yet. But, using many package forwarding services, you can get Wayfair orders shipped to Hawaii.

Like other online stores like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and more, Wayfair does not have any warehouses in Hawaii.

Wayfair does not share anything about shipping to Hawaii; that’s why you don’t order at Wayfair if you live in Hawaii.

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Why Doesn’t Wayfair Ship To Hawaii?

You might already know that Wayfair is an American e-commerce company that sells home goods, furniture, kitchen accessories and more.

Now, we are going to show that Wayfair does not ship to Hawaii.

1. Long Distance From Mainland

The first reason why Wayfair does not ship to Hawaii is that it is an island that is located in the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii island is over two thousand miles away from the United States mainland.

The distance from the mainland is the main reason why Wayfair does not ship to Hawaii.

2. High Shipment Cost

Companies are always trying to cut shipping costs to make more profit. But, because of the huge distance of Hawaii, Wayfair needs extra cost to ship products there.

Therefore, Wayfair does not ship to Hawaii because of the high shipping cost.

3. No Warehouse In Hawaii

Although Wayfair does not need any store to run its business, it needs warehouses where products are stores to supply.

But, in Hawaii, there are no Wayfair warehouses; this is another reason why Wayfair is not available in Hawaii.

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How To Get Wayfair Orders Shipped To Hawaii

how to get wayfair orders shipped to hawaii
How To Get Wayfair Orders Shipped To Hawaii

You can easily get Wayfair orders shipped to Hawaii through parcel forwarding services or package forwarders.

Not only in Hawaii, but package forwarding services can also get your Wayfair orders shipped anywhere you want.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get Wayfair orders shipped to Hawaii:

Step 1: Select A Parcel Forwarding Services

To get your Wayfair orders shipped to Hawaii, you must get products by any parcel forwarding services.

Most package forwarding services ship to Hawaii. So, choosing one package forwarder is going to be easy for you.

There are many package forwarding services available now. Stackry, MyUS, Shipito, Planet Express, and Forward2me are the most popular parcel forwarding services companies. 

Considering the price and facilities, you need to choose one of the package forwarding services to ship your Wayfair orders to Hawaii.

Step 2: Use Package Forwarder Warehouse Address To Ship Wayfair Orders

Now that you are selecting a package forwarder, you just need to ship your Wayfair orders to the package forwarding services mailing address.

After taking parcel forwarder services, they give you their warehouse address, which addresses you need to use for shipping your order from Wayfair website.

So, just copy the whole address and paste in the Wayfair shipping address. After that, confirm your order at Wayfair.

Step 3: Track Your Order

You need to track your orders to the package forwarder warehouse address when you order your products. 

You can see your order’s current shipping situation using both Wayfair tracking service and package forwarder tracking service.

Most parcel forwarding services also send an email about product receiving, so you are going to get an email when your selected package forwarder receives your order in their warehouse from Wayfair.

Step 4: Ship Your Orders To Hawaii

The parcel forwarding services will give you your ordered package images and more details about your orders.

You can also let your orders remain in the parcel forwarders warehouse, but you need to pay a charge for that, or you can immediately forward your orders to Hawaii.

Enter your address to forward your package to your location from the parcel forwarder warehouse.

Furniture Stores That Ship To Hawaii

Of the extensive distance of Hawaii from the United States mainland, some limited furniture stores and companies are shipped to Hawaii.

But, most furniture stores charge additional fees to ship furniture to the state of Hawaii.

The list of furniture stores that ship to Hawaii:

  • Article: Since 2013, Article has produced furniture in the American market. Article ship furniture and all its products to Hawaii for an additional fee.
  • West Elm: West Elm also ships to Hawaii. West Elm is shipped to Hawaii by USPS with an additional charge of 20 bucks.
  • Ashley Furniture: You can ship your Ashley Furniture orders to Hawaii for an additional fee.
  • Crate&Barrel: Crate&Barrel only ships orders to Hawaii that total price is more than $5000.
  • Restoration Hardware: Restoration Hardware shortly RH is also shipped to Hawaii only for an additional fee.


As you know, Wayfair does not ship to Hawaii, but many other furniture companies ship to Hawaii.

With the help of many parcel forwarder services, you can ship your Wayfair orders to Hawaii.

The cost of shipping Wayfair products to Hawaii by any package forwarding services is going to be way higher than the average shipping cost.

Other furniture and home improvement companies only ship to Hawaii with an additional charge for each order.

So, only by any package forwarding services, you can ship Wayfair products to Hawaii.

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