Does Giant Eagle Deliver Groceries In 2023? If So, How?

Does Giant Eagle deliver groceries? You might also need to know the right information, just like I do.

Although Giant Eagle stores are only available in limited states, Giant Eagle is currently competing with top supermarket companies in the United States.

Giant Eagle’s groceries prices and freshness especially keep customers coming to its store.

Nowadays, it’s getting hard to manage time to do grocery shopping at Giant Eagle. That’s why let’s see whether Giant Eagle delivers groceries or not.

Does Giant Eagle Deliver Groceries?

does giant eagle deliver groceries
Does Giant Eagle Deliver Groceries In 2023

Giant Eagle delivers groceries as of 2023. Giant Eagle has both Delivery and Curbside Pickup options to deliver groceries to your home. Giant Eagle delivery fee is $9.95, and you must order a minimum of $35 of groceries or products. Every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Giant Eagle delivers groceries.

Both Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup and Delivery are fast and easy to order. So, you can save a lot of time.

Currently, Giant Eagle stores are available in Indiana, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. And all these states, Giant Eagle delivers groceries and any products.

The price of groceries at Giant Eagle stores and online are the same. So you don’t need to pay any extra except the delivery charge.

The Delivery fee of Giant Eagle is a little bit expensive compared to other grocery stores’ delivery fees in the U.S.

You can save the delivery fee by getting your groceries delivered by Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup.

Also, by applying Giant Eagle digital coupons, you can get offers and discounts on your grocery order, saving more money.

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Everything You Need To Know About Giant Eagle Delivery And Curbside Pickup

There is a difference between Giant Eagle Delivery and Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup.

Giant Eagle Delivery service customers use to get groceries delivered to their homes. So let’s see which one is going to be best for you.

Giant Eagle Delivery 

Giant Eagle Delivery system is the same as other grocery stores’ Delivery systems. You can use the Giant Eagle Delivery facility through Giant Eagle’s official website and apps.

Select the products and groceries that you want to deliver to your home; after that, with only one click, you can get all products by Giant Eagle Delivery.

You also can cancel and edit your shopping list items on Giant Eagle apps before products are delivered to your home.

Giant Eagle in-store prices and Giant Eagle online store prices are the same.

To get groceries delivered at your door, you must order a minimum of $35. Less than that amount of orders you get by yourself from Giant Eagle location.

Giant Eagle Delivery is not free; the delivery fee is $9.95. Using coupons, you can lower the delivery fee a little bit.

From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, Giant Eagle delivers groceries and all of its products.

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Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup

Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup is a great way to skip the line and save your precious time.

Just like Giant Eagle delivery system, you also need to get Curbside Pickup service through Giant Eagle app and website.

Make your shopping list on Giant Eagle mobile application and schedule pickup time for Curbside Pickup according to your time.

You can select the Giant Eagle store location from where you want to pick up your groceries.

Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup system also has an order edit facility. But, you must edit your order at least 4 hours before your scheduled pickup time.

When you arrive at Giant Eagle store and park your car, they load your groceries in your car. After that, you are good to go.

Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup is totally free, which is the reason why Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup is so popular.

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How To Order Groceries Online From Giant Eagle

how to order groceries online from giant eagle
How To Order Groceries Online From Giant Eagle

Ordering groceries online from Giant Eagle is easy and quite simple. You can order groceries through Giant Eagle’s official website and app.

In this section, I’m going to share the proper and simple steps to order groceries and deliver them to your doorstep from Giant Eagle online.

Here are the steps to order groceries online from Giant Eagle:

Step 1: Add Groceries To Shopping List

First up, you need to open Giant Eagle app or visit Giant Eagle’s official website. I suggest you use Giant Eagle mobile app because shopping on apps is more convenient than on the website.

If you have an existing account, then you don’t need to sign up; you just need to sign in.

Add all the groceries you want to deliver to your home from Giant Eagle. Go to the groceries section on the app and add all the groceries to the cart.

If you are having trouble finding any groceries, utilize the search bar to find them easily and quickly.

Step 2: Review All Groceries On Cart

After adding groceries to the cart of the Giant Eagle mobile app, you now need to review the cart to see whether the groceries are adequately listed or not.

Take your time to check the grocery list. If you need any other grocery, just click add a new item.

On the other hand, if you don’t need any groceries, then just click remove from the cart.

Step 3: Check Out Groceries

When you are done shopping and add all the groceries on the cart, it’s time to check all the groceries delivered to your doorsteps.

Click on “Check Out,” and you will go to the next page where you need to select the order type.

If you want Giant Eagle to deliver groceries, then select Delivery, or you can select Curbside Pickup.

Step 4: Select Payment Method

On the Checkout page on Giant Eagle app, you also need to choose the payment method to pay.

Giant Eagle accepts Paypal, Venmo, MasterCard, American Express, Credit Card, and Debit Card.

So, select the payment method according to your convenience. But, ensure your payment account has a sufficient amount of balance to pay.

Step 5: Send Payment Online

After selecting the payment method, now you must give the details of your payment method account or card.

Enter the right account information; otherwise, the payment will not be complete.

When you are done submitting payment info, you can save your card for future payment on the Giant Eagle app. So, you don’t need to enter card details every time you order something from Giant Eagle.

Step 6: Confirm Order

The final step to ordering groceries from Giant Eagle is confirming the order.

You fulfill every required step to ordering groceries on the Giant Eagle mobile app; now, you just click “Confirm and Place Order.”

That’s all; the simple and easiest way to order groceries online is from Giant Eagle.

Now, you just need to wait for all of your groceries to be delivered to your home from Giant Eagle.

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How Long Does Giant Eagle Take To Deliver Groceries?

how long does giant eagle take to deliver groceries
How Long Does Giant Eagle Take To Deliver Groceries?

Generally, Giant Eagle takes between 1 hour to 4 hours to deliver groceries. So, you do not need to wait too long to start cooking.

Giant Eagle delivery processing also varies by location and traffic on the road.

In rare cases, Giant Eagle needs over four hours to deliver groceries, but that is not really common.

On Giant Eagle mobile app, you can easily track your grocery delivery order.

How Much Does Giant Eagle Charge For Delivery?

Giant Eagle charges $9.95 for delivery, and under one condition, that is, you must order a minimum of $35 products from Giant Eagle.

Products and grocery prices are the same at Giant Eagle’s physical and online stores.

You can cut the small amount of the delivery charge cost by using digital coupons.

But, Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup is completely free; you just need to pick up your groceries from the store.

Does Giant Eagle Deliver Groceries To Your Home?

Yes, Giant Eagle delivers groceries to your doorstep. Using the Giant Eagle mobile app, you can order groceries at your home.

But, Giant Eagle does not deliver free. Giant Eagle charges you to deliver groceries to your home.

You must be careful when entering the delivery address in the Giant Eagle ordering process.

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Do You Tip Giant Eagle Grocery Delivery

Giant Eagle is not required to tip grocery delivery drivers, but Giant Eagle recommends tipping delivery drivers.

You can tip a Giant Eagle delivery driver on the app using online payment.

Leaving a few dollars for a Giant Eagle grocery delivery driver is a good practice, and also, your tip helps delivery drivers to live a better life.

Giant Eagle delivery driver pays from Giant Eagle, but the driver fully receives your tip money.

And tipping is a great way to show appreciation for a delivery guy’s work and effort.

How Long Will Food Stay Fresh After Delivery From Giant Eagle?

It depends on the food types. Grocery can be fresh one full day after delivery from Giant Eagle.

Some Giant Eagle food products can stay fresh around three to four days after delivery.

But, I always recommend you not to leave the groceries or any other food items to leave one day on the door.

Bring your groceries inside your home and store them in the freezer to keep the fresh food longer.

Does Giant Eagle Deliver Groceries In Poland, Ohio?

Giant Eagle delivers groceries in Poland, Ohio. And the state of Ohio has the most Giant Eagle locations.

So, if you live in Ohio, you can order groceries and all types of products from Giant Eagle store.

You can order groceries through Giant Eagle’s mobile app and Giant Eagle’s official website, and Giant Eagle will deliver them to your home in Poland, Ohio.

Final Words

Giant Eagle delivers not only groceries but also all types of products to your home.

But, Giant Eagle delivery is not free; you need to pay $9.95 per delivery.

Also, only in five states, Giant Eagle operates their locations in the United States. So, check if your state has a Giant Eagle or not.

Within four hours, Giant Eagle delivers groceries to home, which is what makes its delivery service very popular throughout the nation.

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