Giant Eagle Check Cashing In 2022: Hours, Limit, And Fees

You might need to know whether Giant Eagle cash checks or not. That’s why I’m here to tell you everything about Giant Eagle check cashing.

You better be aware, Giant Eagle stores are only available in only five states Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana.

Caching checks can be necessary sometimes, but not every grocery store is cashing checks.

Here, we are going to know about Giant Eagle check cashing hours, limits, fees, policies, and what types of checks does Giant Eagle cashing currently.

So, let’s dive right in.

Does Giant Eagle Cash Checks?

does giant eagle cash checks
Does Giant Eagle Cash Checks?

As of 2022, Giant Eagle still cash checks. You can cash payroll, personal, U.S. Traveler’s, and government checks at Giant Eagle. A valid Giant Eagle Advantage Card and your state photo ID are required for cash checking. Giant Eagle does not cash tax refund checks, insurance checks, third-party checks, or foreign traveler’s checks. And cash checking fees vary on Giant Eagle store locations.

To cash WIC checks and Rebate checks, you are not going to need a Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

Therefore, you can purchase groceries and any items at Giant Eagle by cashing checks.

But, just like other supermarket stores, Giant Eagle also has several check cashing terms and policies.

Currently, Giant Eagle operates around five hundred stores throughout five states and every location cash checks for minimum fees.

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Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy

giant eagle check cashing policy
Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy

You must know the current Giant Eagle check cashing policy to check to cash. 

Without agreeing to the check cashing policy, Giant Eagle won’t let you cash any types of checks.

So, down here, I’m going to help you to understand every Giant Eagle check cashing policy.

Here is Giant Eagle’s check cashing policy:

1. Giant Eagle Advantage Card® For Check Cashing

First up, you are going to need Giant Eagle Advantage Card® for check cashing at Giant Eagle stores.

Also, your state photo ID or valid driver’s license will be required to activate the check cashing privileges on Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

2. Giant Eagle May Require Additional Photo Identification

Although you have a valid Giant Eagle Advantage Card, which is verified by your photo ID, Giant Eagle can ask for additional photo identification for check transactions.

So, carrying a spare photo of yours would be a great idea for cashing checks at Giant Eagle.

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3. The Name On The Check Must Match With The Name On The Giant Eagle Advantage Card

Giant Eagle check cashing policy also includes the same name on both check and Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

This means the name on the check must match the name on the Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

So, only check holders can cash their checks at Giant Eagle store.

4. Your Check Cashing History Will Be Reviewed

Giant Eagle must check your check cashing history from the Giant Eagle customer record before they accept.

Giant Eagle also can use the third-party check verification source to verify the checks for cash.

You better know that if you have one or more unpaid checks or fees with Giant Eagle, then you would be able to cash your check.

5. Giant Eagle Cash Personal Check Also

Fortunately, You can cash your personal checks at Giant Eagle store. But, Giant Eagle only can cash a personal check limit of $30.

At Giant Eagle checkout lanes or the customer service desk, you can cash your personal check.

6. Payroll and Government Checks Only Accept By Biometric Verification System

If you have government or payroll checks, your check will be accepted via a biometric verification system.

A check cashing fee will be added to cash any payroll and government checks.

The Giant Eagle store manager must approve hand-written payroll checks.

7. Giant Eagle Requires ID For Cashing U.S. Traveler’s Checks

You must have your valid driver’s license, state photo ID, or military photo ID to cash U.S. Traveler’s checks at Giant Eagle.

Also, Giant Eagle only accepts your U.S. checks for transactions up to $100.

8. Giant Eagle Reserves The Right To Limit Customers Check Transactions

Giant Eagle has the right to limit your daily and weekly check transactions. They can also limit the check cashing amount per transaction.

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Giant Eagle Check Cashing Hours

Giant Eagle check cashing hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. But, Giant Eagle check cashing hours also vary by location.

There are many Giant Eagle locations that stay open 24 hours and seven days a week. On the other hand, some locations open at 6 a.m. and close at 10 p.m.

To cash a check at Giant Eagle, you also need to keep Giant Eagle Customer Service Desk available time on your mind because many types of checks need to be verified by the Giant Eagle Customer Service Desk.

By considering several factors, between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. is the ideal time to check cashing at Giant Eagle.

Tips: you should contact your nearest Giant Eagle to know the check cashing hours, which saves both your time and money.

Giant Eagle Check Cashing Fees

Giant Eagle does not have any fixated check cashing fees. Giant Eagle check cashing fees depend on location, type of checks, and translation amount.

When the Giant Eagle store customer service desk verifies your check, they let you know the current check cashing fees.

Since Giant Eagle check cashing fees vary on location, you should know the exact fees from your nearest Giant Eagle location.

I recommend you to call Giant Eagle’s customer service number and tell them your check types and amount; they will tell you the right check cashing fees.

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Giant Eagle Check Cashing Limit

Every type of check has a different limit to cashing at Giant Eagle store. So, depending on what type of check you need to cash, the limit will vary.

The personal check cashing limit is only $30 per check at Giant Eagle. U.S. traveler’s check cashing limit is up to $100 per translation.

And, payroll and government check cashing limits depend on Giant Eagle locations.

What Types Of Checks Does Giant Eagle Cash

what types of checks does giant eagle cash
What Types Of Checks Does Giant Eagle Cash

As a check-cashing grocery store, Giant Eagle is now well known in the United States.

As of 2022, Giant Eagle is cashing various types of checks at all of its locations nationwide.

Here are all types of checks that Giant Eagle cash:

  • Payroll Checks
  • Government Checks
  • Personal Checks
  • U.S. Traveler’s Checks
  • WIC Checks
  • Rebate Checks
  • Child Support Checks
  • Business Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Pre-Printed Checks
  • Cash Refund Checks

What To Bring To Giant Eagle To Cash A Check

A Giant Eagle Advantage Card is the first thing you should bring to Giant Eagle to cash a check.

You also need to bring your valid driver’s license, state photo ID, or military photo ID with you to verify the check.

The name on your check and the name on the Giant Eagle Advantage Card must be matched; otherwise, Giant Eagle won’t cash your check.

So, mainly your valid government-issued photo identification document (ID) and Giant Eagle Advantage Card with you to cash a check at Giant Eagle.

How To Cash A Check At Giant Eagle

The process of cashing checks at Giant Eagle is simple enough that everyone can successfully cash a check.

First up, you must be physically present at Giant Eagle store to cash your checks. Giant Eagle doesn’t accept your check from someone’s hand.

Also, ensure you’re bringing your Giant Eagle Advantage Card with you because this is necessary to cash your checks at Giant Eagle.

After going to your nearest Giant Eagle store, you need to visit the store’s Customer Service Desk with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

The Customer Service Desk associate will ask you to see your ID, which is required to cash the check.

Then, you need to give your signature on your check to make it eligible for cash.

You better know that no matter what type of check you need to cash, Giant Eagle will check the history of your check, which may require a couple of minutes.

When the Customer Service Desk associate finds no unpaid fees with Giant Eagle, your check is good to be cashing.

What Checks Does Giant Eagle Not Cash

There are a couple of types of checks Giant Eagle is not cashing in as of 2022.

Type of checks Giant Eagle is not cashing:

  • Rain Checks
  • Tax Refund Checks
  • Insurance Checks
  • Third-Party Checks
  • Foreign Traveler’s Checks
  • Gift Checks
  • Non-Giant Eagle money orders

Does Giant Eagle Cash Payroll Checks?

Giant Eagle cash payroll checks at its locations. You are going to need your valid ID and Giant Eagle Advantage Card to cash your payroll check at Giant Eagle.

The limit of cashing payroll checks at Giant Eagle varies on location.

So, you need to connect with your nearest Giant Eagle store to know the payroll check cashing limits.

Does Giant Eagle Cash Personal Checks?

It’s been a long since Giant Eagle cashed personal checks, just like other stores. But, you can only cash $30 per personal check at Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle is going to run a history check of your check before they cash your personal check.

Bottom Line

Giant Eagle cash a variety of types of checks, so if you need to cash your check, feel free to go to your nearest Giant Eagle location.

Cash checking hours and fees depend on Giant Eagle locations. Therefore, contacting with Giant Eagle store is a better idea to know more details about cash checking.

Giant Eagle cash checking policies are different from other store chains. That’s why you should read and understand every policy before cashing the check.

Your valid state photo ID or driver’s license and Giant Eagle Advantage Card are required to cash a check at Giant Eagle.

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