Aldi Mission And Vision Statement In 2023

Aldi’s mission statement is going to help you to understand the purpose of Aldi business.

Over the years, Aldi stores have dominated other big corporations in the supermarket industry.

Now, Aldi has over eleven thousand stores in twenty countries, but still, Aldi is a family-owned company. So it’s essential to know Aldi’s mission and vision statement as a customer.

Our team and I analyze Aldi’s mission statement, which you find here. We will also show you Aldi’s core values, sustainability report, business model, corporate responsibility, and vision statement.

Aldi Mission Statement

Aldi’s mission statement in 2023 is to ensure everyone can live a richer life for less. Providing the highest quality groceries for the lowest possible price is the main purpose of Aldi stores. By expanding the market position, Aldi makes it easier for shoppers to get exclusive brand products.

Here is Aldi’s mission statement analysis:

  1. Highest Quality At The Lowest Price
  2. Expand Business Into New Markets
  3. Laboratory Testing To Ensure The Quality Standards
  4. Improving Product Quality
aldi mission statement
Aldi Mission Statement 2023

1. Highest Quality At The Lowest Price

Aldi is always known for its quality products for less cost. And providing the highest quality at the lowest price is the main Aldi mission statement.

In Aldi stores, you find everything for your grocery. The more you search, the more you find in this store.

Aldi sources its most products from local farms, so the grocery stays fresh and clean.

You might think about the limited grocery shopping option at Aldi, and that is true. But, Aldi brings limited grocery items because they ensure the freshness of products.

Aldi products are tested over and over again to ensure quality before anything goes into the customer’s bag.

The affordable prices of Aldi products must impress you, especially when you compare them with other store chains in the United States.

2. Expand Business Into New Markets

Currently, Aldi has over 2 thousand stores in the United States and 1,960 stores in Germany.

But, Aldi is pushing harder to expand the store’s locations all over the world, not only in the US.

In the United Kingdom, Aldi operates 967 stores as of 2023, and it’s worth mentioning that Aldi stores are very popular in the UK.

Aldi aims to open even more stores in developed countries and in some middle-income countries.

Recently Aldi corporation announced that they have plans to expand the Gulf Coast and Louisiana entry, where Aldi is going to open a dozen stores.

Expanding the business in a new market clearly comes up in the Aldi mission statement analysis.

So, in a couple of years, we are going to see bigger and more stores from Aldi supermarket company.

3. Laboratory Testing To Ensure The Quality Standards

Aldi has weekly, three-week, monthly and yearly product lab testing procedures that every Aldi store must follow.

In Aldi stores, over 1400 products are tested to ensure the quality standards before products are displayed in the store.

The laboratory testing of new products is a little more complicated than existing products at Aldi.

Every supplier of Aldi must let their products go through a thorough laboratory testing so that Aldi can have better reasons to sell in their store.

To stay in this highly competitive supermarket industry, laboratory testing is necessary, so Aldi ensures that also religiously.

Aldi is going to add more rigorous laboratory testing to ensure the product’s quality standards.

It’s better to know that Aldi products are synthetic color, MSG and hydrogenated oils. Therefore, Aldi grocery products are way more popular than other stores.

According to Aldi, they tasted over thirty thousand products in the last year, which tells us how important lab testing is to Aldi.

4. Improving Product Quality

Aldi constantly improves their product quality and also acknowledges improving product quality in Aldi’s mission statement.

Just like other supermarket companies, Aldi gives a major priority to product quantity.

Without quality products, Aldi does not go so far as to keep in mind Aldi is planning to bring more fresh and leading quantity products into their stores.

Especially, Aldi takes extra care about the quality of vegetables to ensure they stay fresh and not get perishable too fast.

Aldi sources with local farmers who live close to their stores to provide the vegetables and fruits.

Not only groceries, but Aldi is going to improve the quality of all categories of products that they have in their store.

Aldi Core Values

aldi core values
Aldi Core Values

Aldi has three core values those are consistency, simplicity and responsibility. And Aldi pursues their core values in every approach of its business.

With strong core values, Aldi expanded their stores in over twenty countries and created numerous employment, which helped the economy.

The first core value of Aldi is consistency which makes people reliable to Aldi products and business.

And the second core value of Aldi is simplicity, and that clears all the confusion for customers.

The last core value is the responsibility which is the most important core value of Aldi.

Aldi keeps their responsibility by providing the best quality products, less cost and better services.

Aldi Vision Statement

Aldi’s vision statement is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices, so everyday people have a better life.

The vision of Aldi stores makes a huge difference from other supermarket stores.

Now it’s clear that Aldi does not leave behind their vision. Customers are booming every day at Aldi stores.

Providing the shoppers to live richer lives is another vision that comes up in Aldi’s vision statement.

The store offers special deals to help shoppers to have their products at low cost without compromising the quality.

Aldi Corporate Responsibility

aldi corporate responsibility
Aldi Corporate Responsibility

Aldi always mentions their corporate responsibility to their customers to show their transparent policies.


Customer satisfaction is the first among Aldi’s corporate responsibilities. Aldi promises their customers to provide quality products at a low cost.

Aldi ensures the customers’ health and safety, bringing more sustainability to their products.

By providing accurate and transparent information on product labeling, Aldi maintains their number one corporate responsibility.


Aldi’s business activities have a direct connection to the environment; that’s why Aldi takes responsibility for keeping the environment safe.

In Aldi’s mission statement and also in corporate responsibility, Aldi claims that they try to become a climate-neutral company.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is the major part of Aldi’s business; that’s why it’s Aldi’s responsibility to maintain healthy relationships with suppliers. Aldi strives to increase transparency within the supply chain.


Aldi is also a part of a community, and making more positive contributions to the community is also Aldi’s corporate responsibility.

With donations of money and products to local charitable organizations, Aldi performs duties to the community.

Aldi Sustainability Report

Aldi sustainability report 2023 shows the core progress of its business. Last year, Aldi made progress on various matters.

Aldi sustainability report 2023:

  • Nearly 500 stores transitioned to environmentally friendly by cutting carbon.
  • By the end of 2023, Aldi will eliminate all plastic shopping bags to save the environment.
  • Aldi donated over 33 million pounds of food to feed the nation.
  • Aldi brings their coffee products from sustainable sources.

See the full Aldi sustainability report of 2022 here, which is going to help you to understand better.

Aldi Slogan

Aldi’s slogan is “Spend a little, live a lot” as of 2023.

The Aldi slogan describes the mission of their business and the future plan thoroughly.

What Is Aldi Business Model

Aldi’s business model is unique and also effective. With a strong business model, Aldi maintains its customer’s decision-making principles.

The core pillars of Aldi’s business model are:

  • Make it more simple
  • Quality products at the lowest cost
  • Responsibility
  • Shopping without effort

These fundamental values are Aldi’s business model that attracts more customers and leads the company to grow.

About Aldi

Aldi is a multinational family-owned discount supermarket chain with headquarters in Essen, Germany.

On 10 July 1946, Aldi was founded in Essen, Germany. Now Aldi operates 11,235 stores in 20 countries and over 106.03 billion USD in Aldi revenue.

The Albrecht family owns Aldi corporation and Trader Joe’s. According to Forbes, The Albrecht family’s net worth is over $53.5 billion.

Shoppers love to shop at low cost, and Aldi fulfills their desire by offering quality products for the lowest possible price.

Other supermarkets like Walmart, Target, and Penny Market sell groceries and other products for significantly higher prices than Aldi.

Providing products at low cost helps Aldi stand out among the crowd of supermarkets in the United States.

Conclusion – Aldi Mission Statement

Aldi’s mission statement shows the care for its customers and the procedure they take to provide products.

But, improving the product’s quality while minimizing the price is the primary mission of Aldi.

Aldi often mentions three words in Aldi’s vision statements: consistency, sustainability and responsibility.

In recent years, Aldi is also working on a better environment, community and supply chain from their responsibility.

In both Aldi’s corporate responsibility and Aldi’s sustainability report, Aldi claims to improve their products’ quality so that everyone can live a richer life.

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